Name: Katherine Helfrich
How many people use that name: 2
Nicknames: Katie, Kat, Lauren, Hey you!, and many, many more

I'm a Business Administration major, even though I hate the everloving fuck out of it, but hey, I'm almost done.

I like a lot of things, including: Boondock Saints, The Walking Dead, Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Devil May Cry, Supernatural, Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Who, Arrow, Marvel, Teen Wolf, and so much more that when i think of it, it'll come on here.

Videogames are my forte, and so is reading. I LOVE hiking and climbing... and with the climbing comes the falling. I do a lot of that.
I listen to any and all kinds of music, except for rap.
I'm shy as SHIT, but once you get to know me i'm a hyperactive little fuck... figuratively speaking, since i'm the healthy height of 5'6.
I curse like a goddamn sailor, and if you don't like it, well then boohoo for you. • Don't be shy now
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